Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day...what is it?

I am pissed…I am frustrated….I am upset…I am distressed…I am disappointed… and if this is really not enough, I AM irritated, angry, exasperated….and tired, too!

NO, I wasn't scrutinizing my vocabulary on the adjectives; I was fairly sharing my emotional state of being ALONE…well-nigh all by yourself, with kids hitting the sack and no one to talk to. Well, this is the typical scene at my home day after day but today? Wasn't today exceptional? Wasn't it meant to be for all those who're bound by affection, love and care? Wasn't it doomed to be spent together; with someone close to you?

Each year, I make a puerile wish and desire for something different. I hope for a variation in the monotony. I hope for something that will really sweep me off my feet. No, I am not a college kid and I am very conscious of the fact that I shall soon be turning 35, the big breakthrough in womanhood when the clock is meant to be ticking the reverse way! Well, I am someone who’s been married for the last Twelve years with an adorable set of Twins. (Disregard my recent post condemning Motherhood…that was just momentary thwart)

Still…..I love being showered with roses, gifted with chocolates, offered with amazing perfumes and invited over for a lavish, romantic, candlelit dinner! I recognise that he loves me profoundly but I also know for definite that he wouldn't do any of the above…no chance, at all!

Hence, I decided to indulge myself and make me feel special. I got these beautiful red roses, each dedicated to the most adorable people in my life. Yes, you read it right! They are dedicated to the man I love the most (after Pa, of course) and my two beloveds who undoubtedly enhance my insanity sometimes but make my life all worth for!

And although, you don't give me roses and chocolates and perfumes are perhaps, the least you are thinking, I still love you!

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