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Advice for stressed out moms!

As I have nothing substantial to deliver in near future, all I do is reading some noteworthy blogs, especially written by those who have been there…done that! I've realised that this has hugely facilitated in overcoming some of my own deficiencies as a person, a friend, a wife and more importantly a mother. One such, I could hardly ignore and hence sharing it here word-by-word. The original post can be found at:

And if you are a busy mom too, you'll certainly co-relate...enjoy!


Advice for Stressed Out Moms

I don't know about you, but I am at my wits end.
The never ending pile of laundry, the constant meal planning and preparation, driving kids from here to there, a home that is never clean, a car that is never clean, children that are never clean, and then whiny, disobedient kids to top it off.
On top of everything mom related, there is work issues, wanting to be a good wife and all that entails, wanting to keep in touch with and be a good friend to others, to volunteer and give back in the community, as well as meet personal goals.
stressed out
I am stressed out.
The second I even let my head get in a place where I think about the stress and annoyance, the mom guilt slips in.
“But Jane is suffering from cancer and she still has a spotless home.”
“Lucy has five more kids than me and always looks flawless and calm.”
“Jill works a full time job, has two kids and four pets, volunteers at church, and has never complained once.”
“I love my kids, being constantly upset with them is wrong.”
My friend Sonya shared a great quote:
Highlight Reel
 Which reminded me of this quote: 
comparison is thief
 Go Theodore!  He is exactly right.  I have found certain satisfaction in accomplishments only to turn around, see someone else “do it better” and immediately assume mine are awful.
And as a mom, wife, daughter, etc. I know that even when I am not comparing myself to others I can be overwhelmed with life’s daily tasks.
Sometimes its just hard.
I wanted to put together a list of things that can help!  So here are a few things I do to ease my daily burdens and frustrations.
1. Embrace paper plates.  Seriously.  Get all natural organic recycled if you have to, but just try it.  At least once a week.
2. Try saying yes to a child.  I find myself saying NO all day long.  No candy, no TV, no jumping, no screaming, etc.  If I allow moments of “yes” I am finding that there is less fighting, less headaches for me, and less backtalk when I ask them to fulfill a different task.  Its good to be consistent on important issues (like no running in the street and no hitting) but the occasional piece of candy is not worth me losing my mind over!
3. Hop onto your computer and laugh.  I have this Pinterest Board called Quotes and it makes me smile every.single. time.  All it takes is a good belly laugh for me to change my mood, perspective, and ability to respond to life like a normal, sane person.  (Try reading this pin aboutRandom Acts of Kindness if you need some inspiration and joy!)
Funny Quote
4. Make time to pursue your passion.  I happen to love baking.  I bake cakes and cupcakesand brownies and cookies.  I get a sense of satisfaction in creating something beautiful.
Neapolitan Rose Cake by
Maybe yours is scrapbooking or needlepoint or karate or cooking or garage saleing.  Just make sure you set aside some time for you.
Most have heard this before… but I had to hear it a 1,000 times before actually listening.  I always felt like I was being selfish or unreasonable to take time away from my family to do what I felt like doing.  The truth is that nurturing your self and soul is not selfish, it is our God given duty.  He wants us healthy and calm and able to love as He calls us to!
5. Check one thing off your “list” everyday.  Now, this one was painful for me to learn.  I am talking excruciating.  Being exhausted at night hardly lends itself to the extra motivation you sometimes need to complete tasks, and in those weak moments I would much rather leave things for the morning!
Know why that is a BAD bad idea?  Then you start out your day in a negative.  Having to clean to kitchen before you can make breakfast or having to start laundry so kids have clothes that day.  Making the (sometimes hard) choice to do it that night allows a peaceful morning, and allows you to “fresh” state of mind when looking forward.
 All that being said… one of the best things I can recommend is having a trusted sounding board.  Maybe its heartfelt prayer time with God, venting while cuddling with hubby at night, or getting together with friends to compare notes.
No matter what you do, know that you are NOT alone! :)

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