Wednesday, February 20, 2013

12 ways to beat the blues!

Everyone has a doomed day when your ‘oomph’ goes missing, nothing enthrals you and your motivation is playing peek-a-boo with you. It’s as though there is a lead weight on your ‘charming self’. What can you do to get your zing back and feel happier again?
With demanding jobs, a zillion things on our ‘to-do’ list and the constant effort in living an ambitious life; it’s only human to get down in the dumps occasionally. To add to it there are other factors that aggravate; traffic in gridlock mode, kids that won’t stop sulking, maids in a huff or the economy. If this wasn't enough, many of our cheerful mornings are wiped out with just one look at the newspapers. 
We aren't always fortunate to make a trip to the spa or invite our friends or family over to de-stress and cheer us up. In this article, I will share twelve sure-fire techniques to guarantee a ‘no-prescription-required’ breeze of cheer.

1. Carve your thoughts

It’s been proven that writing down the inner thoughts can immediately benefit in feeling free and relieved. Are you peeved about a bad day at work? Write about it. Blogging is another great way of an emotional ‘pick-me-up’, since a simple act of transferring the thoughts from your head onto another medium will give you spirits of resolution.

2. Get into workout mode

Isometrics, whether hard core Pilates or even a casual stroll releases endorphins which are otherwise known as ‘happiness chemicals’. Hence, it’s a good idea to take a brisk walk whenever your mood drops. You are sure to feel the difference.

3. Organise yourself

Cluttered drawers and desks can sometimes be really alarming. Your head will be much clearer just as your working area if you take some time in organising your surroundings. You don’t have to totally empty your closets to get such an effect, however simply sorting out things in a drawer or even in your kitchen will instantly boost your morale and thus productivity.

4. Jam-jam-jamming

Music is a great source to release those ‘feel-good’ chemicals in your brain. Next time you feel low, tune in to ‘your-kind-of-music’ to blast away those dejections. Your all-time-favourite melody can transform your sulk into euphoria instantly.

5. Soul searching

None amongst us is alien to the technique of relaxation – meditation. Studies have shown that it can defend the psyche against gloomy thoughts and anguish. Try taking slow yet deep breaths just for about five minutes and you’ll be amazed to notice how light you actually feel.

6. Be rainbow bright

Get dressed in your most favourite colour, so what if it’s bright yellow. It’s been proven that colours have a reflective influence on how we feel and compose ourselves as certain shades have been associated with particular emotional states, for e.g. blue can stimulate creativity while red can aid in accuracy.

7. Relaxing scents

When you’re emotionally low, essential oils can make you feel more optimistic, calmer and blissful. A cup of tea with two teaspoons of the whole Lavender can help you unwind and feel more enriched. A few drops of the essential oil added to a warm bath at the close of a taxing day helps to battle exhaustion and ease your qualms.

8. Give me some sunshine

The sun plays a dynamic role in our fitness and well-being and not getting enough of it can make us feel pretty gloomy. So, if your morning didn't really turn out the way you envisaged, don’t fret over it with the curtains closed feeling pathetic about yourself. Instead, open the windows and blinds and enjoy that sunlight flooding in. If nothing else, this will certainly lift your mood in a tick.

9. Watch a funny video

Internet is the greatest source of funniest videos – right from the Gangnam style dancing babies to dogs on the skateboards to the re-run of your favourite comedy TV shows. It’s worth noting that laughter releases endorphin which is awesome in boosting the mood promptly. Hence, next time you feel blue, try catching up with ‘Comedy Circus’ or ‘Friends’ or even an all-time-favourite movie ‘Padosan’ which will definitely release some giggles and guffaws.

10. Flip through old photos

Who wouldn't be exultant and content looking at the photographs of good old times and our loved ones? That feeling of ease and joy is a sure remedy to revitalize your day. We seldom tend to reach for our old photo albums and what else can be a better motive than to chase off our solitude and anxiety!

11. Sex

Great sex may be one of the ultimate mood boosters, if it is within a mutually committed relationship. In fact, semen contains dominant and potentially addictive mood-altering chemicals that may enhance your mood if some of them are absorbed through the walls of the vagina.

12. Stock on snacks

We've all had our days when we’re totally dragging and instead of reaching for that pack of chips, there’s a smarter way to beat that crash. Stashing some or all of the below snacks in your fridge can be a great saver for that insta-energy.
Dark chocolate
Yep, I know I've just typed those two ridiculously sinful words. Besides having special antioxidants in it, dark chocolate keeps blood vessels in fine fettle. It also causes our body to release endorphins which enhances our mood.
Nuts, like almonds or walnuts
Nuts are confirmed to contribute an additional vigour helping you stay attentive due to the presence of Omega-3s, a well-known mood booster. So, it makes perfect sense in having a handful for munching on or adding some to your salads. Delish!
Fruits and veggies
As veggies are full of H2O, your body will promptly respond to them. And more water means energy boost. Certain vegetables like tomatoes have outrageous amounts of antioxidants, which again bless your system with happiness and good health. Fruits like oranges and grapefruits are rich in Vitamin C and hence are immediate energy promoters battling fatigue instantly.
Seafood and shellfish contains Selenium that is accountable for the contentment that you feel, and can support you to ease anxiety and enrich you with the ‘get-up-and-go’ attitude.
Plenty of water
Sticking to that “8 glasses of water a day” rule is one of the most treasured things you can do for your physical and mental health. Revitalizing your body with more water is proved to have instantaneous energy effects adding a happy boost.
(The above article was published at Saffron Sunshine, a leading e-publication)

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