Thursday, February 7, 2013

My kinda days!

It’s been a real long time I have updated anything on my Blog; and I still pride myself calling a ‘passionate’ blogger…..Huh! Doesn't go too well down the throat, isn't it?

It’s not that I wasn't; I really was meaning to be here, write here, vent out my emotions and trust me, I badly needed doing that over the last few days. Things have been particularly challenging on the home-front. Since my last full time maid gave it a quit, I am in a bad shape. Not that I don’t manage home well, I certainly do. What’s challenging and particularly strenuous is managing home and two 5 year old simultaneously.

Any mom to a toddler will sympathise with me and more specifically because I am dealing with two at a time. Imagine, just while you are dumping the laundry into the washing machine, you hear the screams and shouts in kids room and you rush leaving that damn thing alone. You finally manage to load it, start it on and just while you are hanging the freshly laundered clothes on the dry-line, you make another quick dash to attend ‘I-am-thirsty-need-some-water-right-now-Mamma’ calls. And after you've managed the laundry, other mundane routine, attended those thousand ‘Madam-you-need-a-personal loan/credit card’ and similar other calls, ensured kids are well fed, you are finally just about to dig into that bowl of fish curry and BINGO! You hear another loud shriek… "Mamma, Potty!” Damn the Motherhood! I know I've just won a blog-contest on the similar theme that even featured in 'Mother’s World' magazine but still…Damn the Motherhood at such insane times!

From all the above, I've learned a hard lesson. I am not perfect and certainly not a super-mom and neither aspire to be one any time sooner. All I am asking for is a little help to support me overcome these blues and tackle the responsibility I've chosen. Yes, the responsibility of bringing up my Twins!

Hence, the last couple of weeks were totally dedicated towards the ‘Maid Hunt”… There’s a peculiar thing I have to share here. My maid search really turns out to be pitiful and nasty each time I try; however after a couple of court-martials, I am always fortunate to nail one of the good ones; although it's a different story that our association doesn't last long enough to cherish. So, when I shooed-away those couple of ‘trial-basis’ maids, I knew somewhere deep down that the ‘good one’ is still to arrive and I guess I was dead-on there!

Finally managed to employ two maids – one exclusively for cooking and the other to take care of other chores like doing dishes, cleaning the cooking hob, kitchen appliances, etc.  Well, just to mention, in addition to these new hires, I am lucky to have been blessed with another one who takes care of cleaning/mopping/dusting/bathrooms/etc. So, that makes my home disposed to three different maids at three different times. Hubby dear wasn't particularly happy about my choice of employing two maids in addition to the one we already have. Not to mention, I convinced him…well, honestly, he didn't have another choice than getting convinced and that’s a separate story…need to blog about that in a separate post!

So, finally, my two new extended family members resumed their respective duties on the first day of this month which was an apt anniversary gift for me which we celebrated on 3rd. And the fact that, one of them is still working while I write this, makes me believe that some of our stars have matched well....(until now).

Finding a good maid in Metros is a real pain in the a**. With a number of ‘both-husband-and-wife-working’ families around, they are highly in demand and are easily susceptible to even a slight salary-raise. Only few actually value the relationship and the bond which gets eventually built up as the days, months and years pass by. Hence, though finding a good maid is a hazard, managing to keep one stuck to you after all that time you've invested in training her is a rather bigger and on-going challenge.

Well, for the time-being, I am enjoying some ready-made food and more so excited about the pleasure of dumping a used plate in the sink without having to worry about cleaning the kitchen and keeping it spick- and- span.

Voilà! I'm finally having ‘my-kind-of’ days and am loving them! Bring it on….:-)


  1. Hey Meeta,
    Lovely to read your blog. I stumbled on here from Kanchana's website. I am like you too with twins and maids (often absent) and a writing instinct that refuses to die and struggling to cope with it all. You have a boy and girl, right? ditto And mine are 5 too. have fun. You write well and have inspired med to update my blog more regularly. we must compare notes sometime.

    1. Hey Rashma...nice to know that someone else is also sailing the same boat.:-) You are right, we must exchange notes often. It would be really nice to connect to someone with similar interests and background. I am on FB, too...:-)

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