Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gone with the Salon.....

So, finally...here we are! After days and days of planning and re-planning, we finally made it to the Salon today for Akshat's haircut. One thing that really excites me about his haircut sessions is his own excitement. He loves sitting on that high-chair adoring himself while the expert does his job swiftly. I managed to capture a few moments of his excitement today!




And here's the final look....:He is happy...I am happy!! Happiness everywhere :-)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Once a Mastekeer....!

“The memories that were somewhere left behind, the fun that faded away and the feelings that were unspoken were relived with the same ambiance all over again.” ... Unknown

I am referring to the Mastek Alumni Meet held today at Powai. I hopped the moment I saw it's invite on their FB page which was followed by a prompt email to them requesting to register myself resulting into a fabulous and nostalgic evening.

Whoa! What an evening it was! I am so glad I decided to attend it.

Once a Mastekeer, always a Mastekeer! So true. When I joined Mastek way back in 2004, I was euphoric about my accomplishment for two reasons. Number one was purely from a growth perspective as Mastek gave me an opportunity to jump to the next level. And reason number two is that I was so enthralled with their Mahape campus that the idea of actually working out of that place was just too much for me to résumé.

Who knew, that the next three years of my association with this company would totally change me, my persona, my traits and moreover my career growth. This is where I learnt a lot and that helped me shape my life the way it is today. I owe a part of my being to this company and the people I have been privileged enough to work with. Some of my best friends are from Mastek, some of my fondest reminiscences are from Mastek, some of my biggest achievements are from Mastek, and some of my proud moments are from Mastek. In my entire career span of around nine years, I couldn’t achieve and learn what I did at Mastek in just three years. Mastek helped me in refinement of some of my skills and hidden talents and also provided with a platform to showcase them. If not for another marvellous chapter of motherhood in my life, I think I’d still be hanging around the Mahape campus, playing TT in the canteen, slogging my butt out but immensely enjoying it. The work culture at Mastek always charmed me and motivated to out-perform and grow personally.

Mastek completes 30 glorious years and I am so proud of being a part of this journey at some point. I am so proud to be a Mastekeer and thoroughly believe that…Once a Mastekeer, always a Mastekeer!

Sharing here is the Mastek anthem that still gives me goose bumps each time I stand for it!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Innocence at its peak!

I'd give all wealth that years have piled,
The slow result of Life's decay,
To be once more a little child
For one bright summer day.

~Lewis Carroll, "Solitude"

Akshat n Aashvi's very first nursery rhymes recital

For one of my assignment, while browsing the YT videos, I unexpectedly stumbled upon my own. Couldn't stop myself from devoting few minutes (out of my particularly chaotic schedule) to watch through them. It's been almost four years since the above video was logged..(Well, I did an impromptu recording when the kids were in the 'mood' and you can certainly figure that out by its poor quality). 

Time just flies by and although very soon they would be in Grade 1 learning the Maths and the English and the so-called Environmental Studies...but the joy of learning their very first nursery rhymes is priceless and shall always stay put in their hearts till eternity! 

Long live the childhood and its splendid pleasures!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm just like them.....

Finally, it just broke through! I knew it was coming but I still kept my fingers crossed! I hoped for some kinda miracle! I prayed hard...wished hard! Didn't work....as it was just destined to happen! This marriage is just not going to work. Looks like its time for the splits-villa!

Well...for some if you who might have raced your thoughts faster than the lightening, I am talking about Sammy and Nathan, the beautiful couple I meet every weekday at nine. Yes, The Rafters! I found this video on YT showcasing Sammy and Nathan's situation...really lovely one! God bless the one who made it....

These days, after bidding adieu to all the sob-sob Marathi and Hindi tele-serials, I am really hooked to a few English ones like Desperate Housewives followed by Packed to the Rafters before finally ending my day with my most favourite Grey's Anatomy! I like anything that I personally feel connected to and these are just the ones.

Susan Delfino (née Bremmer, previously Mayer) is one of the main protagonists and titular characters of Desperate Housewives. Known for being a hopeless romantic and a klutz, as well as for her occasional portrayal of the "damsel in distress", Susan is arguably the most fragile of all the housewives, and is often considered the nicest and most adorable one. And yes, you got me right....I'm just like her in most parts of her life! I just love her!

Dave is determined to give Ben and Melissa the engagement party that he and Julie never had. But his focus is sidetracked by the accidental discovery that Chel's increasingly regular hospital visits are in fact to the Renal Ward. Nathan is nervous when he hears Steve Wilson is returning overseas to attend the engagement party. Having slept with Layla, Nathan is terrified that Steve, and more importantly, Sammy could find out. And finally it happens! Sammy is terrified as her trust is totally taken for a ride at number of instances and Nathan certainly doesn't deserve another chance.

Izzie and Alex go on to rekindle their relationship, though Izzie is concerned when she begins hallucinating Denny.She discovers she has metastatic melanoma (Stage IV) which has spread to her liver, skin, and brain, causing the hallucinations. Her survival chances are estimated at only 5%. She is admitted to Seattle Grace as a patient, and Derek Shepherd successfully removes a tumor from her brain. Izzie spends her time in the hospital planning Meredith and Derek's wedding, but when her condition worsens and Derek discovers a second brain tumor, they give the ceremony to Izzie and Alex, who marry in front of all their friends. The procedure to remove the second tumor from Izzie's brain causes her to lose her short-term memory and I truly hope she recovers to return back with a bang....she and Alex really make a cute couple.

Oh My God, I'm so obsessed with these characters that bring a smashing end to my day!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An open letter to Coconut Milk!

Dear Coconut Milk,

Before you made a discreet entry into my life, I had given up on ever finding my inner beauty; the one that could set my own heart on fire! When you walked into my life, sparks flew and I knew instantly that it was you!

I was weary of the deceitful promises those expensive beauty products repeatedly made and broke my heart. I was devastated, upset and shattered until one fine day my doctor aunt introduced me to you. Brutally honest, I wasn't willing to let you be a part of my life that easily but her persistent attempts made me give up and while battling with that little apprehension, naïvely I started falling for you; so much that my beauty today is all thanks to you.

Did I hear you asking ‘why’? You must be kidding! Well, because I love the whole kit and caboodle. You are full of properties that are prodigious for my skin and body like Calcium, Iron, and natural proteins clubbed with Vitamins A and C. I am absolutely obsessed with you for being so rich and magnificent nurturing my hair and skin leaving it supple, shiny and glowing.

You are one of the most effective natural moisturiser on this planet and if combined with essential oils, you create a luxurious bathing product that I highly reckon after a strenuous day. Your presence in my life is so obstinate that I can never forget to add you along with a few drops of your other half, the coconut oil, to my bath; which is then followed by a massage with a body lotion enriched with your goodness that traps the moisture in my skin. You and the coconut oil share a splendid camaraderie and my bedtime routine is unfinished if I don't rub you both on my hands, knees, feet and elbows totally evading the need of those expensive manicures and pedicures. My lustrous and healthy long hair is an outcome of those regular head massages exploiting your camaraderie. With the help of products enriched with your goodness, I've managed to put the freezing winters to shame! Each day, after a healthy workout at gym, my preoccupation with the tender coconut water is purely splendid. Its powerful blend of sugar, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, fibre, and minerals helps render a much needed symmetry to my body. 

Eva Longoria is supposed to use placenta protein for her skin radiance. Victoria Beckham is told to include nightingale droppings into her everyday beauty routine. Had someone familiarized them to your goodness and aura, they certainly wouldn't be craving for such bizarre beauty regimes!

What more can I say! After twelve years of togetherness, my husband says he is still crazy about me. It makes me wonder whether he loves me because I am beautiful or am I beautiful because I am loved!

Thank you for charming me with this magical world of natural and therapeutic beauty!

Yes, I adore you and forever will!


‘They say you fall in love only once, it can’t be true. Every time I look at you I fall in love all over again!’ Love Dobara….how romantic!

(This is my entry to the 'Goodness of Coconut for Skin' contest organised by Parachute Advansed Body Lotion in co-ordination with the leading on-line publication for Women...Women's Web)

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where are we heading to?

Coincidently fumbled on these pictures while browsing….what do they say? For me, they say a thousand words which we choose to ignore. It’s high time we stand against the child sexual abuse. I’ll do everything it takes to protect my kids from such society monsters…even if it means butchering someone!

Please do everything you can to spread the awareness about this monster issue before many more children lose their innocence and freedom!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Internet safety for your young children!

Few days back, my son asked me if I visited cartoonnetwork.com when I was at his age. I said ‘No’. He then asked me whether I visited nickelodeon.com, I again said ‘No’. I could sense that he was getting restless and was in anguish. He finally vented it out, “Which dot.com did you visit then when you were small?” It took me some time to strike the reality and when I responded to him that I didn't even have a computer or an iPad when I was small, he gave me one pity look and eventually busted out giggling. He chose to walk away before I could explain to him a world without computer. I fumbled, as I knew he would never come to terms with that world…the one without a computer or a tablet!

Whether you like it or not, Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Most parents use it to check out on news, entertainment or for being in touch with the family and friends. Hence, it’s no big deal if your child accesses internet, too as a benefit to complete the school work and assignments or simply to enjoy some on-line games. It’s a proven fact that some crooks who target children prowl on-line  encasing their innocence and candour in order to take their advantage. We take every measure to safeguard or homes from outside, yet a computer monitor is an easy way for them to sneak in your homes. One of the major concern today’s parents face is internet safety. "Kids are developing their on-line identity at an earlier age than ever before and they need parents, teachers and other role models to help them figure out where to go, what to say and how to act and perhaps most importantly how not to act," Youthologist Vanessa Van Patten said. However, there are ways and means to ensure that your children are safeguarded from these vices of the cyber world.
  • Limit on-line time. While the internet is proved to be an ultimate source of information available at the fingertips, too much time spent on-line can be harmful. Spending substantial amount of time in front of computer can create sedentary children. This can sadly contribute to childhood obesity and indolent health. Also, the more time your child spends browsing, the more likely he is to visit the sites that can compromise his safety and innocence.
  • Enforce the basic rules of cyber security. Teach your child the importance of guarding the password, not clicking on unknown links or even not opening the emails or attachments from unknown sources. Talk to them about issues like ‘Virus’, ‘Hacking’, etc.
  • Enlighten the significance of protecting private and personal information. Many websites encourage the visitors to fill out on-line forms. Hence, teach your children to seek for parental guidance and advice before filling out any such form. Make it a sure-safe rule that no information like the address and telephone numbers should be shared anywhere on the internet without the adult consent.
  • Mandate the importance of restraint while in chat rooms and social networking. Make it clear that they are not to meet up with anyone whom they meet on-line without parental approval and supervision.
  • It’s always a good idea to position the computer in a shared room where parents can keep an eye on its usage. Strictly avoid giving up to your child’s demand to place the computer in his own bedroom where you might never truly know what he or she is doing on-line.
  • Print the Internet Safety Pledges and Rules by visiting some child friendly websites that emphasis on internet safety for children. Sites like indianchild.com are a good place to visit with your child to help him understand the importance of cyber safety.
  • And lastly, nothing can beat the significance of educating yourself. It’s quite shocking that today’s children are more tech-savvy than their parents. However, it’s unfair to prey your children just for this fact. Figure out the ways to learn what sites they visit, strike a conversation with them about the information they gathered and eventually try to find out whether your child is using internet for the positive reasons or there’s something ‘not-so-pleasant’ that you need to deal with. Be a part of the various on-line discussion forums to seek advice and guidance from the experts or other parents. 

Internet is a great boon to mankind and if used appropriately, can help create a history!

(The above article was published in www.magicalhomes.in   

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chaddi da saga!

Tuesdays are one of my favourite days. Nah! I wasn't born on this day. Well, it's extra special for me as I get an opportunity to spend some quite moments with daughter. She attends these drawing classes every Tuesday between 5 and 6:30 pm and I, not being able to exercise any other options, am left with a task to drop her at her classes, spend that one and a half hour doing literally nothing around Hiranandani Gardens and then get her back after her class. Well, it's not that I don't do anything...I certainly do! I spend my Husband's hard earned money...some times on coffees and mostly on some impromptu shopping!

So..coming back to the point...today being Tuesday, I am sitting in this lovely ambience of Aromas cafe and sipping my most favourite iced tea with extra whipped cream and simultaneously updating my blog. Today was special for another reason, too! I have realised one of the different ways how kids think and especially my daughter.

While driving her around, she mentioned how her brother disturbs her and interferes in every detail of her life...well..she didn't exactly use the words I wrote and I chose to manipulate a bit as the time she spent to prove her point to me was way too much and I don't have the bandwidth to put it in words here. So, the point is, she feels intruded by her brother and she demanded that as she is 'big' enough now, it's high time we allocate one dedicated room for her to safeguard her privacy. When I asked her what privacy she refers to, she blushed. I could sense something electrifying coming up and I was right. With a lot of embarrassment she said, "whenever I want to change my clothes, he is always around. I don't want him to see my 'chaddi.'

Lolzzzz ...I was cracking up. The same female, on most occasions at home is more than happy to flaunt her assets in spite of my repeated requests often resulting to threats. And here she is...talking about a 'chaddi' which is least of my worry right now. Convincing her about anything at this juncture wouldn't have been an intelligent move for two reasons. Number one..a 'chaddi' isn't really her worry to begin with..all she wants is a room for herself so whatever I say, it would have banged right back to me with something else. Number two...I didn't want her to feel that her privacy is something that doesn't figure on my list of priorities and I also wanted her to 'feel' that changing/showing 'chaddi' is certainly not ok in front of anyone else...even if its her brother.

I had read in various parenting magazines and forums that kids, these days, grow faster than those 15 years back hence parents must equip themselves with all that it takes to be ready and prepared to deal with such and many other awkward situations especially related to kids sexual curiosity. Well, this could only be my daughter's first. She is about to turn 6 but I guess the easy access and the subsequent influence of television and all other modes of information really takes away a good part of their innocence and thus childhood. Well, I really need to buck up for sure and that's what is my lesson for the day!

As a parent, if you too have experienced something like this or had to deal with such an awkward situation that really put you in soup, please feel free to share your experiences below. It'd be nice if you also share the way you dealt with it.

So, here's another cheers to all the parents out there and more so to the most innocent and curious kids that we are so proud of!

Till another such experience, another such encounter....bye!

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Location:Powai- Mumbai

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh man.. Another year!

The beginning of a new year doesn't excite me any longer. There could be several possible reasons behind it and one of them could be my age. I am standing right on the verge of turning 35 this year and as many says, that could be an important milestone in my life. And no.. I am not referring to menopause here... I am just talking about turning 35... Man, that sounds like an achievement in itself!

2012 hasn't been a great year for me especially because I spent a better portion of it just dealing with sickness... Either mine or the kiddos. If I actually review the hospital expenditure, it was good enough for us as a family to enjoy a lavish dinner at any 7 star hotel. Not to mention kids sickness leave from the school. Hussshhhh! Too much to write on this but I avoid as the thought itself puts me off totally.

This is the same year that took away my father. I lost my Pa in the first quarter of the year finally succumbing to his situation. He has been bed bound for almost 3 years until he finally gave up on 30th March. I haven't been a great daughter as I hardly spent time with him during his trying times. One reason could be that I just couldn't see him suffering the way he did. I have always seen him as a healthy, tall man and suddenly seeing him on the other side was too much for me to bear. He suffered a lot especially towards his last few days as the immobility has taken over a better part of his body. He lost his passion to live and wished for an impromptu end and that made everyone around him so helpless and miserable. My Mom spent most of her day attending to him while battling with her own health and job making her simply outstanding. My Dad, with whatever differences he had with my Mom for the entire lifetime they spent together, thanked her from the bottom of his heart just a night before passing away. I think he knew he wouldn't make it for a due gratitude sometime later. I miss my Pa, well almost every day. I feel his presence around me almost all the time. And I hope it continues. I love that feeling that there's a strong force behind me taking care of me at all times.

It's during this year that kids changed another school. But kids being kids, didn't take much time and efforts to adjust with the new environment, friends and teachers. They are happy and all it matters.

The later part of the year made me run around taking care of various responsibilities related to my brother's wedding. It was too strenuous but all is well that ends well. The wedding took place on 23rd December in Goa and we are happy to see him finally embark another important journey of his life. May God bless him with long, healthy and trustworthy marital bliss.

Overall, an 'ok-ok' year that made me older by another year enriching with more experiences, love and the company of my loved ones. I only hope that 2013 brings in more hope and passion to live life king size!

Wish you all a very happy 2013!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My perspective on 'Endings....'

(The below piece was written by me as an entry to a contest with the theme 'Endings'. I started to write it but couldn't finish it in time....finally did it today and hence sharing it with my readers...)

“Pa, are you asleep?”

I gently make an entry into his bedroom at 4:45 am at dawn.

“Huh? No. I am not. Actually, I am waiting for you to say good bye.”

I hear him mumble while he pretends to make his sheets proper. I can tell that he is hiding his face and the tears that follow.

“I am leaving, Pa. I shall be back soon.” My typical good-bye line to my bed ridden father every time I leave my parents’ home in Goa after a cherished sojourn.

“Yes…” He tries to recollect the words. “Take care. Take care of the kids and God bless you all. Drive safely and call when you reach.” He, yet again, makes a futile attempt to hide his face and the consequent moans.

I leave his room with a heavy heart; heavier than the baggage I am carrying. It’s been virtually a couple of years since he is entirely bedbound because of medical complications related to Peripheral Neuropathy, completely disturbing his mobility.  And I am not the kind of daughter who has a sturdy and stout heart to see him suffering. So, I make a hasty exit, without any embrace or an effort in calming him.

I arrive back to my home in Mumbai and give up to the demands of my mundane routine. Once a while, I call my Mom to check on my Dad and that’s it. I know I should be there sometimes, just to help her deal with my Dad’s ailment. But I choose not to. As I said, I am just not made for it and however hard I try, I can’t convince myself for it.

Two months later, one demanding afternoon I get a panic call. My Pa is no more… that’s what it conveys.

 I shatter…I break…I shout… I cry…I scream…

Nothing works. He doesn’t come back. That was an End…one of its own. It made me realise the harsh truth…the difference between the present and the past tense that I once studied in school. The transition from ‘My Pa is…” to “My Pa was…”

Some endings, where our breathes are literally exposed to the revelation of tough winds and pouring rain, cannot be imagined, just simply tolerated. Such endings create a perpetual void in our lives yet we have to give up to the demands of the present-day and continue breathing; in persistent shadow of the bygone.

Nonetheless, there are several other endings that we learn from, and that teach us to appreciate the things that mean so much to us. From time to time we haven't reflected enough to comprehend. The ending, thus, might facilitate a significant exposé.

The ending might coerce us to communicate something distinct or substantial. The ending might prepare us to take a chance to convey someone how we truly feel. The ending, firmly from retrospection, might be seen as a decisive step in our lives. Endings, additionally, can be seen as an essential utility in the enrichment of abilities to let go; so we may procure the fresh new thing.

The actual challenge is when a decent thing has concluded and it is to be substituted by a not-so-decent thing. Then we fight with a sense of pointlessness and negativity. Occasionally, we cannot see the worthy beyond the thing we must let go of. But it's amazing how frequently our pessimism might deceive the truth.

As one door bangs shut, new doors are meant to open. This is when trust is necessary. To hope for something yet not evident. Endings, hence, aid to stimulate our reliance, by giving us the chance to rehearse for hope and betterment!

Finally, as said in Bhagawad Gita:

“कर्मणये वाधिकारस्ते मां फलेषु कदाचन । मां कर्मफलहेतुर्भू: मांते संङगोस्त्वकर्मणि ।। 

Your right is to work only, but never to its fruits; let not the fruits of action be thy motive, nor let thy attachment be to inaction!”

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