Saturday, August 24, 2013

Old Habits Die Hard.....!

When kids are around, it appears that I am constantly in a hurry…. There’s a mysterious earnestness that circles me when I see my chipmunks around and I thrust things to conclusion when it’s really not required.

Yesterday, being Friday, I could have afforded to be in peacetime. To let the day move at its own pace as it was the beginning of a weekend. Yet, I cherry-picked to ensure that things are completed right at their usual pace and time. Kids weren't in a great mood for the completion of homework, and yet I insisted they finish their homework, worksheets, assignments…all at one go… even their dinner. And though I love the way my daughter says…"Raav goh Mamma…falya suti aasa goh..” (Mamma, please relax today…its holiday tomorrow), there’s a sense of urgency that occupies a better part of my brains.

In my quest for excellence and flawlessness in everything, I feel I am turning mechanical in a way. I just read a lovely article on Facebook written by a Mom whose entire life revolves around the words ‘Hurry Up’ and shockingly, I could just see myself fitting in the bill like a jigsaw puzzle. Weekends are supposed to be for relaxation and freaking out and yet I seem to hurry up to ensure that all the activities planned are taken to task at stipulated period. What the heck if we reach 30 mins late for grocery shopping? No one is going to sue me for it or there isn’t any time slots dedicated to the shoppers…! And before your brains start working overtime…NO…I am not insane and neither have I allowed my life to be dictated by the tickling of the watch. It’s just that I am a stickler for commitments…commitments made to myself…commitments made to others!

In my house, Fridays are generally dedicated to one’s own impulses. There are no strict sleeping rituals for kids. They are allowed to sleep as and when they want.  They are even allowed to sleep in our bedroom, if they wish..which they always do! So, as usual, yesterday I and kids ended up getting into my bed well past midnight. I was so sleepy that I was struggling with my eyelids. And yet I didn't want to miss out on the small little gossips and chatters that kids were into. Suddenly Akshat got out of the bed and went into the adjoining balcony. I moved the curtains to check what he was up to at 12:30 in the night. To my absolute dismay, he was just sitting out there tranquilly gazing at the broad horizon and the stars above. I was just too inquisitive to know what he was perceiving so meticulously and just casually investigated. He said…'I am looking at my country, Mamma!’… pointing out to several activities going around at that time. The flights taking off and descending at the International Airport that has an unblemished visibility from my balcony, the Metro bridge that’s still under construction, the dancing lights of the highways and the cars fleeting by, the people walking on the roads and not to forget few parents and kids still enjoying the serenity and calmness of the night-time in the children’s’ park below. This 6 yr old chap, after a tough day (of course, in his own little way), at 12:30 at night chose to observe the world around him. Such innocence! Touché… For a moment, I let go of my inhibitions that it was past midnight and we were well into the other day and appreciatively joined him in his endeavour.

As adults, we become so enthralled in ‘doing’ things that we barely care enough to check how we do those things…whether we enjoy doing them…whether the same can be done in a more creative way  and so on! On contrary, kids reflect much more creativity in an out-of-the-box mode that sometimes put us to complete embarrassment. Just like the other day, my daughter asked me in an awfully off-the-cuff tone while driving back home whether there’s a ‘Nail Fairy’, too! While familiarizing them to the ‘Tooth Fairy’, it hadn’t occurred to me once that there could be other Fairies too…Such are the joys of childhood!

And even while I pen this,  my eyes carelessly stroll to check the time on my pc for absolutely no reason….I guess, this is what is called ‘Old habits die hard’…!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today kids celebrated Rakshabandhan. This festival is celebrated to mark the strong bond between a brother and his sister. It's a solemn promise that a brother makes to his sister to stand by her, in times required in lieu of a Rakhi that the sister ties on his wrist. My kids are too small to understand the history behind the celebration. All they look forward to is buying colourful Rakhis and enjoying the fun while tying it to each other’s wrists. Typically, a Rakhi is tied by the sister on her brother’s wrist. However, Aashvi insisted that Akshat should tie a Rakhi on her wrist too, in return. 

Sharing some of the snaps here…

So, here's wishing all a very Happy Rakshabandhan and may your bond with your siblings grow strongest and wealthiest with each passing moment! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Return...

I am not going to provide any justifications as to why I couldn't blog as much as I wanted to. Well, as I expect you to recognize that there have been whys and wherefores and other primacies that kept me pretty employed, I could not get into the precise disposition to blog about anything. Well, now that my life is a bit more rationalized, here I am.

Kids schooling and all related activities keep me quite on toes. Each evening, as I enthusiastically wait for their appearance from school, I correspondingly fear the projects that would follow, the home works that would keep us awake until late night and the Handbook notes that are, on occasion, hard to read and comprehend. On the other hand, the excitement of spotting the stars and encouraging remarks on their books makes it all worth for. Sometimes, when we slog so hard trying to find the right pictures/information on Google, cutting and pasting in their scrap books, I sense like I am re-living my schooling through them. And when I see a star comment on that assignment, I feel so thrilled and naïvely promise self to do better the next time. Such are the joys of parenting. I’ll post some of our assignments shortly for you to relish our creativity.

For the time-being, sharing a beautiful picture we clicked on our way to Pune. There are these awesome tiny waterfalls along the stretch near Lonavla which we just could not resist.

Enjoy the monsoons and have fun!