Friday, January 31, 2014

Motherhood:Part II

Few days back I had a post on my Facebook page. It read as below:

Many a times, I feel totally irritated sitting with kids and helping them in their studies. My patience is at its peak when any of them takes a longer time to understand any concept. I get upset while I am at it but when I tuck them in bed at night, I feel terribly guilty...feel like a monster mom for not handling the things properly.'s like an emotional turbulence within me. As Moms, are you girls facing the same or it's just me???

Yes, I meant every word of it. I am feeling that I am losing out on something. I am feeling that my patience levels are suddenly dropping. I have a feeling that I am turning into an insane and oblivious human being.a Monster Mom!

Kids are growing up and so are my duties and accountabilities as their Mother. They are no longer nappy-happy broods. Their interests are mounting beyond my judgements. Their hobbies are altering with each fleeting moment. Their vocabulary is sky scorching every minute. Their reactions, retorts, jargon, lingo and ever fluctuating moodstheir inquisitiveness, their exasperation and their outlook makes me brood over whether I am sinking in my futile efforts in coping up with their intensifying sensibilities.

All this strongly makes me believe that I am entering a second phase of this journey called Motherhood. Kids want to be treated as one of usmore specifically as Adults. They demand that their opinions be considered while taking any decisions involving them. Their privacy be respected, their choices be honoured and most importantly they be treated with lots and lots of esteem. 

Things are really changingor should I say they're already changed beyond ones imagination. Until I was well past my schooling, I just dont recall a single thing bought for me entirely by my choicewell, my mom always had a final say in what I would wear, which colour would suit my personality the best, what hairstyle will look good for my face cut or even whether I should participate in events at school or not. Well, today, I am being informed that a certain kind of dress is on the next to-shop list, a crave for a McD meal over weekend or even where to go for the vacations. Whoa! All the innovation in the technology, the remarkable progress man has made over these years and the exposure these kids have today is finally taking a toll on Mothersthats the final word!

So, heres to all those brilliant Moms out there who are screaming their guts out to ensure a childhood their kids will always be proud rock, Babe! Nothing and no one can beat what you do! 

Sharing here some wonderful quotes I found on Google..... :-)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013!

Well...this post should have come before the 2013 ended but true to my legacy, I am late with this, please excuse...

Sharing here some snaps of our Christmas celebrations. Some of you must have already seen these through Facebook.

Standing in the queue for the fun to begin....

Whoa...I am all for it.. :-)

And the fun begins...

Am I not total Christmassy??

Our favourite!

Some snacks after the games

Thank God for the Frooti!

Such discipline I tell you :-P

What is it that I am missing on?

Our favourite pose :-)

We decorated this.....!

We love this...

Such pleasure..

Isn't it cute?

Singing carols...

I am at my favourite activity....modelling for Mom!

Is this a good pose?

Oh! C'on..I am just tired!

Ornaments at our home..

Merry Christmas

Cute Little Fairy!

So nice...

Isn't it cute?

There are loads of other pictures too but I shall resist my temptation of publishing them all here....But I warn you that you'll see a lot more of my pictures in 2014 as I seriously intent to click and publish some of the best shots....!

On this note....see ya soon!

Happy 2014!

2014….yet another new beginning….yet another fresh expedition…

I would like to start this New Year with a small appeal…

God grant me the serenity to
Accept the things I cannot change.
The courage to change the things I can.
And the wisdom to know the difference.
                                     -Reinhold Niebuhr

I am not somebody who stalwartly believes in making the resolutions at the commencement of each year. It’s not that I never practiced so…Of course, I did! However, I soon recognized that most resolutions meet a disastrous finale….some gets just overlooked over the period while some just gets out of the memory lane and the lingering ones are just given a clean miss over other urgencies… In all conscience, I have experienced all of the above and hence I do not make any resolutions and take life the way it’s thrown upon me.

We had a fabulous Christmas vacation with my Mom joining in from Goa. Kids were exhilarated to be with their Aaji and so did she. Those 10 days were truly remarkable as both of them could spend some quality time together. Well, as far as I am concerned, I have outdone the age of being ecstatic at my Mom’s arrival. It’s not that I don’t like her being around…I certainly do. However, I like to find pleasure in doing things which at times she doesn’t favour. And the real awkwardness is born when she finds it tough to express it. My relations with her now are more like soul mates than mother-daughter. We discuss the entire world under this moon may it be from her job to my maids to what-she-should-be-wearing-for-a-function….And I love it that way.  Well, I love her and I wish her a very healthy and happy life.

Now that the schools have resumed, I am back to the grind….and so are the kids.  I am hoping that 2014 will motivate me harder to keep up to writing and updating my blog in addition to my other assignments.

Have a wonderful 2014!