Saturday, January 26, 2013

Once a Mastekeer....!

“The memories that were somewhere left behind, the fun that faded away and the feelings that were unspoken were relived with the same ambiance all over again.” ... Unknown

I am referring to the Mastek Alumni Meet held today at Powai. I hopped the moment I saw it's invite on their FB page which was followed by a prompt email to them requesting to register myself resulting into a fabulous and nostalgic evening.

Whoa! What an evening it was! I am so glad I decided to attend it.

Once a Mastekeer, always a Mastekeer! So true. When I joined Mastek way back in 2004, I was euphoric about my accomplishment for two reasons. Number one was purely from a growth perspective as Mastek gave me an opportunity to jump to the next level. And reason number two is that I was so enthralled with their Mahape campus that the idea of actually working out of that place was just too much for me to résumé.

Who knew, that the next three years of my association with this company would totally change me, my persona, my traits and moreover my career growth. This is where I learnt a lot and that helped me shape my life the way it is today. I owe a part of my being to this company and the people I have been privileged enough to work with. Some of my best friends are from Mastek, some of my fondest reminiscences are from Mastek, some of my biggest achievements are from Mastek, and some of my proud moments are from Mastek. In my entire career span of around nine years, I couldn’t achieve and learn what I did at Mastek in just three years. Mastek helped me in refinement of some of my skills and hidden talents and also provided with a platform to showcase them. If not for another marvellous chapter of motherhood in my life, I think I’d still be hanging around the Mahape campus, playing TT in the canteen, slogging my butt out but immensely enjoying it. The work culture at Mastek always charmed me and motivated to out-perform and grow personally.

Mastek completes 30 glorious years and I am so proud of being a part of this journey at some point. I am so proud to be a Mastekeer and thoroughly believe that…Once a Mastekeer, always a Mastekeer!

Sharing here is the Mastek anthem that still gives me goose bumps each time I stand for it!

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