Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh man.. Another year!

The beginning of a new year doesn't excite me any longer. There could be several possible reasons behind it and one of them could be my age. I am standing right on the verge of turning 35 this year and as many says, that could be an important milestone in my life. And no.. I am not referring to menopause here... I am just talking about turning 35... Man, that sounds like an achievement in itself!

2012 hasn't been a great year for me especially because I spent a better portion of it just dealing with sickness... Either mine or the kiddos. If I actually review the hospital expenditure, it was good enough for us as a family to enjoy a lavish dinner at any 7 star hotel. Not to mention kids sickness leave from the school. Hussshhhh! Too much to write on this but I avoid as the thought itself puts me off totally.

This is the same year that took away my father. I lost my Pa in the first quarter of the year finally succumbing to his situation. He has been bed bound for almost 3 years until he finally gave up on 30th March. I haven't been a great daughter as I hardly spent time with him during his trying times. One reason could be that I just couldn't see him suffering the way he did. I have always seen him as a healthy, tall man and suddenly seeing him on the other side was too much for me to bear. He suffered a lot especially towards his last few days as the immobility has taken over a better part of his body. He lost his passion to live and wished for an impromptu end and that made everyone around him so helpless and miserable. My Mom spent most of her day attending to him while battling with her own health and job making her simply outstanding. My Dad, with whatever differences he had with my Mom for the entire lifetime they spent together, thanked her from the bottom of his heart just a night before passing away. I think he knew he wouldn't make it for a due gratitude sometime later. I miss my Pa, well almost every day. I feel his presence around me almost all the time. And I hope it continues. I love that feeling that there's a strong force behind me taking care of me at all times.

It's during this year that kids changed another school. But kids being kids, didn't take much time and efforts to adjust with the new environment, friends and teachers. They are happy and all it matters.

The later part of the year made me run around taking care of various responsibilities related to my brother's wedding. It was too strenuous but all is well that ends well. The wedding took place on 23rd December in Goa and we are happy to see him finally embark another important journey of his life. May God bless him with long, healthy and trustworthy marital bliss.

Overall, an 'ok-ok' year that made me older by another year enriching with more experiences, love and the company of my loved ones. I only hope that 2013 brings in more hope and passion to live life king size!

Wish you all a very happy 2013!

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