Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chaddi da saga!

Tuesdays are one of my favourite days. Nah! I wasn't born on this day. Well, it's extra special for me as I get an opportunity to spend some quite moments with daughter. She attends these drawing classes every Tuesday between 5 and 6:30 pm and I, not being able to exercise any other options, am left with a task to drop her at her classes, spend that one and a half hour doing literally nothing around Hiranandani Gardens and then get her back after her class. Well, it's not that I don't do anything...I certainly do! I spend my Husband's hard earned money...some times on coffees and mostly on some impromptu shopping!

So..coming back to the point...today being Tuesday, I am sitting in this lovely ambience of Aromas cafe and sipping my most favourite iced tea with extra whipped cream and simultaneously updating my blog. Today was special for another reason, too! I have realised one of the different ways how kids think and especially my daughter.

While driving her around, she mentioned how her brother disturbs her and interferes in every detail of her life...well..she didn't exactly use the words I wrote and I chose to manipulate a bit as the time she spent to prove her point to me was way too much and I don't have the bandwidth to put it in words here. So, the point is, she feels intruded by her brother and she demanded that as she is 'big' enough now, it's high time we allocate one dedicated room for her to safeguard her privacy. When I asked her what privacy she refers to, she blushed. I could sense something electrifying coming up and I was right. With a lot of embarrassment she said, "whenever I want to change my clothes, he is always around. I don't want him to see my 'chaddi.'

Lolzzzz ...I was cracking up. The same female, on most occasions at home is more than happy to flaunt her assets in spite of my repeated requests often resulting to threats. And here she is...talking about a 'chaddi' which is least of my worry right now. Convincing her about anything at this juncture wouldn't have been an intelligent move for two reasons. Number one..a 'chaddi' isn't really her worry to begin with..all she wants is a room for herself so whatever I say, it would have banged right back to me with something else. Number two...I didn't want her to feel that her privacy is something that doesn't figure on my list of priorities and I also wanted her to 'feel' that changing/showing 'chaddi' is certainly not ok in front of anyone else...even if its her brother.

I had read in various parenting magazines and forums that kids, these days, grow faster than those 15 years back hence parents must equip themselves with all that it takes to be ready and prepared to deal with such and many other awkward situations especially related to kids sexual curiosity. Well, this could only be my daughter's first. She is about to turn 6 but I guess the easy access and the subsequent influence of television and all other modes of information really takes away a good part of their innocence and thus childhood. Well, I really need to buck up for sure and that's what is my lesson for the day!

As a parent, if you too have experienced something like this or had to deal with such an awkward situation that really put you in soup, please feel free to share your experiences below. It'd be nice if you also share the way you dealt with it.

So, here's another cheers to all the parents out there and more so to the most innocent and curious kids that we are so proud of!

Till another such experience, another such encounter....bye!

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  1. And for all those who didn't get the "Hero" term....'Chaddi' is no revolutionary term. It means an underwear in English!