Monday, November 19, 2012

Roar of the Tiger!

It’s been quite some time I blogged. Got totally busy with my brother’s forthcoming wedding and the ensuing preparations. Then the Diwali and just while I was still plunging in the verve of the festival, there comes the news of the death of Balasaheb Thackeray and another charismatic member of my family. I know that this is not a germane start to my paused blogging but I still decide to go ahead.

I really wanted to write a lot on the legend. The charisma that ruled Mumbai and taught Mumbaikar’s to hold their head high up. The perpetual guiding force for many who had lost the hopes and succumbed to the situation. But I choose not to. Because, I feel I am too trivial and slipshod to write about the legend that I really don’t know that well. I may not approve the ways he adopted to ascertain his point but I salute the intents and his honest and brave eloquence that endeared the masses on a larger scale.  ‘Tiger’ that he was called, was an apropos title he lived his life with. With his death, the financial capital of India comes to a stand-still faster than anything else; such is his supremacy and the influence on the people of Maharashtra. There will never be another stern tiger like him. He has gone forever and ever leaving behind a legacy that needs a terrific leadership to proliferate and nurture. 

Rest in peace, Saheb! You will be forever missed!

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