Sunday, November 25, 2012

2 Buckets of Popcorn....

"2 buckets of popcorn, 4 large Pepsi please...."

The guy in front of me placed his order. There were these massive queues at the snacks counters. The young chap behind the kiosk swiftly got into action. His KRAs are quite strict about the TAT, commonly known as Turn Around Time in technical terms (Oh! I am sooo missing my Mastek days suddenly). The lady behind me has almost got into a 'train' mode giving me a slender shove hinting that it’s my turn now and I rather be prepared... I give her a precise gloomy look with a tip-off that 'look, I have spent almost 30 mins to reach where I am and I am not leaving this counter for at least next 3 minutes and most prominently, I certainly don't care about your eagerness... She reciprocates with an even dirtier guise.

More than the movies, the ambience at the theatres has always fascinated me. What really makes it worth spending epic money on tickets, apart from the movie itself, is an opportunity to watch and judge different sets of individuals during those waiting times. Just while I write this on my mobile notepad, I see a young lady heavily dressed up in an opulent sequin saree with loads of jewellery. She made me ponder whether she chose to watch the movie only because she missed that last bus that could have taken her to a wedding/reception. There are others who are so skimpily garbed as if they will just turn around and request for some help to splurge on some descent clothing. I am not against anyone’s dressing sense and neither a ‘What-Not-To-Wear’ host so please be aware that these are purely my own personal thoughts; they should not be treated as offensive in any way.

Love is the ultimate thing on this earth and if you can manage to bargain for it at a secluded corner in the waiting lounge, there’s nothing like it. This is the biggest lesson some of the couples, especially young, newly married ones try to demonstrate except they hardly realise that it can get really awkward and uncomfortable when you have small kids around who are more than eager to explore new horizons. But I guess, someone rightly said, love has no confines and certainly not the time limits.

There are others who are busy putting their babies to sleep as a safety measure to be able to watch the movie undisturbed. I have gone through this so I can definitely pacify with them. Some hurriedly want to make that last visit to the wash rooms before the movie commences. Some want to make that one quick phone call to inform that their phone will be switched off/silent henceforth until the movie is over. Some busy preparing their kids with some preamble about the movie. Some like me occupied by their mobile phones and then there are some who just like to observe around, again like me!

Finally, I see a huge queue lined up outside the screen where I am supposed to share some space with 'Richard Parker'. I head out to get blended with the flock and just while I am about to enter, I witness this beautiful National Anthem presented by the deaf and mute kids on the celluloid. Not that I am a great patriot, but this anthem always brings a tear or two in my eyes. It’s so wonderfully filmed and executed that words are just not enough to express the feelings about the kids who present it.

And finally, I am in my chair…waiting for the movie to begin and enjoy my own rendezvous with Piscine Molitor Patel!

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