Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chronicles of sickness

Popcorn…Noodles…Plain-rice…Chapati with jam…Steamed corn…Bread with butter….Juice…Milk with chocos….

All the above choices, I offer to my daughter time and again and all I get is just one blunt reply...”Nah”.

She’s been sick since last couple of days with heavily infected throat accompanied by fever and vomiting. Not to mention lassitude and weakness, followed on its own. I sit helplessly next to her convincing to eat something which she plainly refuses. It’s been almost 2 days since she has eaten something substantial.

Seeing your kids sick is the last thing you desire for. When they are hale and happy, there’s so much cheer and bliss around which suddenly evaporates with the quite entry of illness. My son is habitually a quite creature. He finds absolute solace and glee in his own company so his presence doesn't really make up for my daughter’s trailing dynamism. The deadly silence at home when she is taken to bed is way too much for us to endure.

Can't stop her naughty gestures even
while battling with the sickness
A visit to the doctor only reinstated my credence that the unceasing weather fluctuations are to be accused for this illness and infection around. Number of helpless parents clutching their sick kids wasn't a cheerful picture in the waiting area. The weakness had taken over so much that the small rides and other play-mates in the kids’ waiting area were almost empty and no kid wanted to play around. The doctor confirmed an awfully bad throat infection and the vast list of medication followed.

Like all sick kids, my daughter is totally weak and no longer cheerful. Strong doses of antibiotics have turned her nauseated and losing appetite. It’s such an agony to see your child out of action who is otherwise too much to bear. Her chirpy talks fill the house with ecstasy; her naughty little feats keep me engaged all the way through, her small loving gestures makes me thank my stars all the time. I am missing her usual self and I hope she gets back to what she’s best at; sooner the better.

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