Friday, October 19, 2012


For a long time, my son requested me to have a pet at home. And every time he popped that question, I thought of numerous new reasons, in addition to the old ones, why we cannot keep one. For him, pet has to be a dog and exactly the way it’s shown on TV or cinema….extremely chubby, fluffy, with super-clean and super-groomed hair and last, but not the least, one whom he can cuddle in his bed.

I have grown up in a house that always had a dog…a Pomeranian. If I am calculating correctly, we've had 4 of them, one after the other. My Dad was extremely fond of them and I have seen him, many times, finding solace and peace in their company. The dogs responded likewise. I remember, once when my Dad fell sick, one of the dogs didn't even wander near its feeding bowl for a couple of days in spite of rigorous attempts. Such was their love for each other.

However, it’s also to be noted that in spite of being in the company of such adorable pooches, I have never really looked forward to being with them. I have always been scared and nervous with them. And I guess if they can sense love, they can equally feel detestation. None of them came even an inch closer to me, forget about loving me.

Apart from my own inhibitions, I believe that pets can be great companions. They can help to build the responsibility and reduce stress levels. It’s also believed that people can find themselves more calm and peaceful after spending time with their pets. It’s quite shocking to note that pets can help people to deal with their serious illness. Some researchers have discovered that they can help motivate people with serious life threatening ailments like cancer. I've also read it somewhere that kids who grow with furred animals around them are lesser prone to allergies and asthma. Well, this is just a thought and can be controversial in certain cases.

But the fact is not all can afford a pet. Firstly, the grooming, the pet care, the food and the accessories can really cost quite a lot of money.  However, apart from the monetary chunk, pets can be really destructive and fierce, too. I remember an incident where a newly bought puppy almost torn apart the expensive Persian carpet at one of our friend’s place. Needless to say, this led to a lot of nasty arguments at home. Subsequently, some pets can be a health risk for certain people. Allergy prone families should strictly re-consider this option especially if you have infants and toddlers at home.

I tried to explain all the above reservations to my son. To my disbelief, he was ready with his entertaining and funny solutions to each of my concern raised. For example, I told him the dog needs to be walked out 2-3 times a day for attending to his nature calls. To this, my son offered his valuable services. We stay on the eighteenth floor of a high-rise and every time my kids want to go down, either I or my maid has to accompany them. They are even petrified to step in the lift alone. Imagine, he taking the dog for a walk all by himself, in the lift, alone with the dog and then in the walking area shielding the poor dog from all other stray ones.

Introducing...Jack and Jill
Finally, I gave up. I assured him to get a pet but not a dog. I offered him some options and he chose a fish. Well, just between you and me, he really didn't take that long to pick amongst fish, rat, spider, butterfly and snail. So, I finally bought this beautiful pair of Goldfish that has proudly acquired a perpetual position in my drawing room. They have succeeded in keeping everyone at their service, especially me, right from changing the bowl water at regular intervals to mapping their feeds. My kids have named them as Jack and Jill….which I kind of liked a lot.

So, now Mr (or Mrs) Jack and Mr (or Mrs) Jill are members of our family. Whoa! Our family is really growing! My son, as promised, really cares about them and offers his services within his capabilities. He helps cleaning the bowl and feeding the fish. I really encourage this since it was his idea to bring them home and he has to recognize that he is accountable for their well-being. Now, he is earnestly waiting for Jack and Jill to have a baby so that he starts caring for the baby, too. I am quite certain that he has even thought a name for their fry. May God and more importantly, J&J fulfil his wishes.... touché!

This is what I call a companionship.....Camaraderie, in French!


  1. I didn't know you had another couple living with you ;-) V. cool! I LOVE dogs too and am just waiting for the time when I can get one again :)Love that lamp by the way! You must tell me where you got it!

    1. Yes, I do and believe me keeping pets is no fun. It's one heck of a job. But if you really enjoy it, there is nothing more fulfilling than that. By the way, the lamp is from a store called "Mother Earth" at R-City Mall.