Friday, October 17, 2014

A letter to my best friend!

Dear Best Friend,

You left today…finally! It’s been precisely three months since you first broke the news. The news that your husband is being relocated to London and you will move there for good.  At first, I didn’t quite believe you…your sporadic pranks are to be accused. But in due course, as you shared the development and the ensuing planning, I was sure about the move…Damn! It was true….very much….and although it took me a while to get attuned to the fact, somewhere I was preparing myself for this farewell.

As days passed by, you got busy with all the formalities, kids’ vaccinations, visas, and so on and so forth. Gosh! It’s a agony to shift and double of it to shift to an overseas location. But you handled everything so well and with such great gusto…yeah…yeah! London it is, after all! And having spent a few months in UK, I know how it feels when such an opportunity just knocks the doors!

After all the essential formalities came very significant task…Yaayyyyyy! The S word…..Shopping. We shopped and shopped and shopped….everything that we could think of. You name it and we bought it. I loved carrying those M&S, Zara, Mango shopping bags around while you walked like a duchess….that’s one business I would never dislike!

I still reminisce the first time I met you. Our sons shared the same class last year and we ended up being a part of the same whatsapp group primarily created to exchange the school related notes and other communications. Out of 30 odd members, a bunch of around 5-6 grew awfully closer through the chats and considering the fact that we had never met, we decided to meet over a coffee. After casual greetings, just as we were settling down in the coffee shop, I saw you getting out of your car in a chick salwar suit with high heeled sandals. Your hair were duly done up and eyes lined up with kohl giving a boost to your personality. Yes, you looked no less than a royalty as you walked up the stairs. By the end of that meet, I had formed my opinions about everyone and especially you. I didn’t think that I could ever be friends with you in spite meeting you couple of more times in the school. And that’s the whole point……how did I ever reach a point in my life where you became my besssttteeessssttttt friend ever. It’s been a little over a year but it feels like we’ve known each other since ages. You can literally read my mind and vice versa. You can instantaneously guess my reactions to circumstances. You can lift me up when I am low. You and only you can handle my idiocy and occasional mood swings and still love me. You turned out to be a major part of my life…literally….or shall we say a sister from another mother….!!

And today you’re gone such far away. I recognize that technology has abridged the distance deeply…but I am still gonna miss those never-ending chats until wee hours in the morning. Those shopping trips exploring the bylanes of Pali Hill, Linking Road and Lokhandwala markets. Those whole-hearted laughs in rains over paani-puris, those little things you did for my kids, and those kiddies get-togethers we organized to sneak a chance to spend time together. Huuhhhhhh! (A long sigh) I am gonna miss all this. I am gonna miss you, BFF!

I wish you all the best for this move and a new chapter in your life…! Loads of love to your chipmunks! I am going to miss them too! I am ending this letter with a wonderful quote I found on Google....

Love forever,