Monday, August 18, 2014

Life after break....

Seriously, it’s been a heck of a lifetime since I last updated my blog. Yes, I’ve been busy with my hands full but that still doesn’t justify the reason for not updating the blog…especially when I am so passionate and possessive about it. Well, to put it in a nutshell, lots of things happened over the last 4+ odd months. 

My son’s Thread Ceremony was quite an elaborate affair with dear friends and family attending it in Goa. Me and Chetan tried to play perfect hosts ensuring that everyone is duly taken care of. It was a fun week meeting all the family and friends under one roof. New friends were made, new relations formed and I am glad everyone had a great time. By the time, it all got over, we were so exhausted and that’s when our quick vacation to Himalayan Village, Sonapani (Yes, we are simply in love with that place and we WILL continue to go there…over and over….) came to the rescue. Ashish and Deepa played perfect hosts making sure we totally unwind before we were ready to face our mundane routine back. This brief vacation was a much needed rescue to our tired souls and exhausted bodies. Kids had fun too…for the first time in their lives, they had witnessed something absolutely breathtaking. Plucking fresh fruits like apricots, peaches, pears straight from the trees and eating them. Well, honestly, it’s something even me and Chetan had done for the first time, too!

Come mid-June and we were back to our routine. The kid’s vacation time got over and before I could blink my eyes, they were already back to school….in Second Grade! That’s another thing I just can’t bring myself to term with….the rate at which kids are growing. It feels just yesterday when I dropped and picked them up from their Nursery across the street and here they are…all grown up…already in their Second Grade. I guess, that’s something I will have to live for the rest of my life…although they grow bigger, smarter and better with each day…somewhere deep down, I still wish for those babies still in the diapers, crawling on the floor just longing for attention.

The weekends are just fleeting by….they just don’t exist beyond the normal grocery shopping, a visit to the market for veggies, the weekly laundry, lunches/dinners out or a movie. Oh! I just realized that I pretty much covered everything what one is actually supposed (???) to do over the weekend. Basically, we both like to do almost the similar things so there’s hardly any debate over the choices as how to spend the weekend. However, with my growing bundles of joy, it’s more like a juggling happening. My son is more like a peace lover. If given a choice, he would spend the entire day at home lying on the couch or on his iPad than stepping out with us. My daughter is more of an attention seeker. She’s totally me. Fun loving, outgoing, don’t-like-to-be-trapped-at-home kinda. Hence, juggling between son’s preferences and daughter’s choices is a bit of a challenge for us these days. But I guess, if we manage tactfully, we can still steal a few more years to dictate our terms and get the things moving….So, here’s to parenting….parenting of the Twins…parenting of Twins with different choices!

And just before I say bye...Here’s a short incident that happened at a Mall yesterday where we spent our leisurely Sunday evening. While the boys stood in the line for the movie ticket, daughter and I decided to just sit and watch people. We happened to grab a seat bang opposite the store ‘Lifestyle’… After she watched consistently at it, she just popped a question out of nowhere… “Mamma, why are some people going in that Lifestyle while some choose not to go?” I was a bit startled at her out-of-nowhere-question and before I could collect some ideas to answer it to her satisfaction…she just screamed… “Oh! I know it… The people with Style in their Life, go in the Lifestyle and people who have no Style in their Life, choose not to go in the Lifestyle…” OMG…I didn’t know how to react to it….but the lady sitting next to me, certainly did. She stood up and extended a warm handshake with my daughter and said..”Young Lady, I don’t know about the people you are referring to…but you certainly will have lot of Style in your Life…” While she left with her own sweet daughter, I couldn’t help see my daughter blushing at her remarks….

Today’s kids…I tell you…..

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