Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Long time no see!

Yes, it's really been quite a long time! However hard I attempt to stick to my pursuit of updating my blog regularly, I, one way or another, fail to stick to this commitment! More than you, I should be seeking my own mercy which doesn't sound that cool!

Things have been stirring at a melodramatically faster pace. Although, we let go of the plan to shift home for the time being, there are oodles of other tasks that were nippy enough to brawl for the top slots on the to-do list. For those who are not aware, we have planned (or rather still planning) a function in Goa to mark the Thread Ceremony of our son. We hope to keep it quite a homely and private event as he isn't too comfortable amongst too many unaccustomed faces. And because it’s HIS day, we have made it obvious to respect HIS feelings. It’s in May, and I am already dreading about how hot and humid Goa will be by then considering I've already had an extreme spat with it just this weekend. With all that holy fire around, the people and the weather…God help me in dealing with my little man! Trust me; he’s one hell of a monster when it comes to crowd, heat and rush!

Planning, as I said, is still underway. Just finalized the venue decorator this weekend and I must say does cost a bomb! However, many things are still in the To-Do list. Hubby is no good when it comes to assisting in all these matters. I am glad he lent a hand while dealing with the most important task…the saree shopping! I guess, he feels that it’s the only agenda that takes such a function to its own sweet end. And Hubby, if you are reading this…No, it doesn't…there are million other stuffs that I am single-handedly dealing with and you have absolutely no idea about…..(Well, I can say, I prefer to keep it that way....remember the old saying? Too many cooks spoil the dish??? Yes, exactly.... :-)

Kids are back in school with a brand new academic year…a sleek new classroom, new friends and most prominently new teachers. Daughter is pretty excited and happy with her new teacher…well, Son takes time to adjust to anything that’s new and a new teacher is just another human…wish she had a remote control with her to tickle his ‘interest’ bones!

One advantage about not moving the home is you get to keep your old, obedient and honest staff. I was so anxious about the cycle of finding-trying-liking-changing-maids and I am so happy that I will not have to go through it all over again! But yes, kids will spend a little more time in travelling to school which was the foremost motive behind the decision to move. I guess for every little pleasure, one has to pay the price. For right now, I am gratified with wherever I am and I hope that any move, if there is at all, will be for the better!

Yyyyaaaaaaayyyyy! Its kids’ birthday this weekend. Can’t believe they’ll be seven! Seven exquisite years spent with them with most beautiful memories to cherish! They’ll grow bigger and brighter with each passing year but for me and Hubby, they’ll always be little bundles of joy that were handed over to us on 12th April, 2007! No one can ever take away that moment from us! Something that’s too priceless to even share! We have nothing special planned for them this year but we do want to do whatever they wish on their special day –even if that means swimming in the beach at 2 o’clock in the afternoon under sweltering sun! God bless the chipmunks and their weird wishes!

See you soon! Have a great week and then the weekend and then the week again and then the weekend again……! Well, you know what I mean..:-P