Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A busy trimester!

With kids’ final exams, come other associated undertakings like projects, assignments and loads of other stuffs. I am surely not grouchy about them as I really enjoy myself being a part of these activities. When I was a kid myself, I remember spending a lot of time and efforts in researching, collecting pictures, etc. to complete these projects. Today, life’s become laid-back with Google at our service.  At a click, you get the information, pictures and everything that you need.  Jai Google Baba ki!!

Kids finals are scheduled during the first week of March and if you are thinking that it would bring some respite to me…hold that thought right there! There are loads of other activities in planning stage… shifting into a new place is the first one. And just while we would be settling down there, approaches their birthday which I have been ‘informed’ would be quite an affair with all their friends from school. Bingo! After the birthday, it’s time for son’s ‘Thread Ceremony’ which is planned in Goa in the month of May.  So, I’ll be spending a considerate amount of time in Goa before the function tackling plentiful preparatory activities.  And as Hubby plans to join in just a day prior to the function, it’ll be a solo show.

After the ceremony, we plan to head straight to the Himalayas to unwind ourselves after all that hustle bustle. Yes, we’re heading to The Himalayan Village at Sonapani. Yet again! Kids just love that place and it was their appeal to spend some time there which we decided to honour. We have been told by the owners that June is the best time to visit as their orchards will be thriving with fruits like peaches, apples, oranges and so many others that kids can enjoy! So, we are highly looking forward towards this trip. I am, particularly, looking forward to the peaceful atmosphere, the clear blue sky, the enthralling Himalayas that I can park myself and watch for hours and the home-cooked and absolutely tasty meals and deserts. Now that I know the surroundings pretty well, an idea of a lone and peaceful walk cannot be ruled out, too.

Aaah! I hope that by the time we are back to Aamchi Mumbai, we all are super charged up to resume our daily lives!

Will post more updates as soon as I am ready!

See ya!

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