Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013!

Well...this post should have come before the 2013 ended but true to my legacy, I am late with this, please excuse...

Sharing here some snaps of our Christmas celebrations. Some of you must have already seen these through Facebook.

Standing in the queue for the fun to begin....

Whoa...I am all for it.. :-)

And the fun begins...

Am I not total Christmassy??

Our favourite!

Some snacks after the games

Thank God for the Frooti!

Such discipline I tell you :-P

What is it that I am missing on?

Our favourite pose :-)

We decorated this.....!

We love this...

Such pleasure..

Isn't it cute?

Singing carols...

I am at my favourite activity....modelling for Mom!

Is this a good pose?

Oh! C'on..I am just tired!

Ornaments at our home..

Merry Christmas

Cute Little Fairy!

So nice...

Isn't it cute?

There are loads of other pictures too but I shall resist my temptation of publishing them all here....But I warn you that you'll see a lot more of my pictures in 2014 as I seriously intent to click and publish some of the best shots....!

On this note....see ya soon!

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