Monday, August 12, 2013

The Return...

I am not going to provide any justifications as to why I couldn't blog as much as I wanted to. Well, as I expect you to recognize that there have been whys and wherefores and other primacies that kept me pretty employed, I could not get into the precise disposition to blog about anything. Well, now that my life is a bit more rationalized, here I am.

Kids schooling and all related activities keep me quite on toes. Each evening, as I enthusiastically wait for their appearance from school, I correspondingly fear the projects that would follow, the home works that would keep us awake until late night and the Handbook notes that are, on occasion, hard to read and comprehend. On the other hand, the excitement of spotting the stars and encouraging remarks on their books makes it all worth for. Sometimes, when we slog so hard trying to find the right pictures/information on Google, cutting and pasting in their scrap books, I sense like I am re-living my schooling through them. And when I see a star comment on that assignment, I feel so thrilled and naïvely promise self to do better the next time. Such are the joys of parenting. I’ll post some of our assignments shortly for you to relish our creativity.

For the time-being, sharing a beautiful picture we clicked on our way to Pune. There are these awesome tiny waterfalls along the stretch near Lonavla which we just could not resist.

Enjoy the monsoons and have fun!


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    1. Thanks Maya....How have you been? Hope the little ones are doing great!

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