Friday, March 1, 2013

March, here you are!

And here it arises! I am referring to a brand new month that’s just begun today – March! 

In all conscience, I shouldn't be writing about it but I am really nervous about this month. It makes me edgy. It’s the amalgamation of two events; my kids annual day and my Pa’s death. Last year, on March 30th, when we were just getting ready to leave for kids annual day at their kindergarten, I received that awful call informing me about the demise of my father. I know it’s really injudicious of me to link the two episodes but can’t help; after all a mother and a daughter that I am!

Well, it’s my kids annual day this Tuesday, March 5th and I really, really plead that all goes well as they are truly enthusiastic about the event. March, please be decent to me this time! Just read it somewhere that March is the herald of spring, a month of promises and new beginnings. Amen! 

And for the rest of you, may you have a great month. Some of you may be busy preparing your own exams or helping your broods with theirs. All the best to you, whichever category you fall in!

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